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Lake Life Scented Candle | Saskatchewan Soy Candle

Lake Life Scented Candle | Saskatchewan Soy Candle

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This candle perfectly captures the essence of lake life. Picture warm evenings by the bonfire, the crackle of flames mingling with laughter, and the sweet scent of toasted marshmallows wafting through the air. This candle is crafted with all natural soy wax and hand-poured in small batches. 

Standard sized 8 oz jar with a burn time of approximately 35+ hours, perfect for bathrooms,  dressers, countertops, and nightstands

hand-poured candle using all natural soy wax. Our candles feature cotton wicks and burn clean. Our candles are vegan and 100% safe and nontoxic for family, kids and pets. 

*Phthalate & Paraben Free*

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